Appreciating what we have

During this pandemic, I think we all have a new found appreciation for all the things we always took for granted. We had all this freedom before and now that we don’t have it, we appreciate it so much more. 
The long drives and the long walks, being in nature, being able to be free, not wearing a mask or worrying about keeping our distance. 

I have always worked from home, so that concept is not something new for me, but I do miss those office visits and meeting the team and lunches and chats and office laughter and talks. 

I miss the picnics in the park and the freedom to just go out without having to worry about, sanitizing and wearing a mask and coming back home and cleaning everything before bringing it into the house. 
I miss going to my place of worship listening to the beautiful songs during the service.

I miss having the freedom to go out and visit family or take little holidays away to just get a different scenery. So much has changed since this year started. But it’s these things that I know I took for granted these are the things I miss the most.

Think above all it’s the freedom to just be and let be. And I wonder will that feeling ever come back, this virus is here to stay and we need to adjust our lives accordingly, for me personally I have been living in fear and I think that is absolutely fine, for when you fear something you take that added extra precaution but I try not to allow it to control me and my life and my family. We need to be aware and we need to take it seriously.

But we also need to not allow it to control us. We have to find way’s to live with it, and we can, it’s just a new way of doing the things we love to do, and finding appreciation in these new ways and new things. 
We can’t allow our fear to control us, we need to be in control. 

Sending love and light to all

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