Loving ourselves

So many times we place so much expectations on ourselves.

We have to achieve a degree, we have to work for a big corporate company, buy a house, get married at a certain again, start a family. 

Whose expectations are these?  

We all different, and that difference makes each and everyone one of us unique. So don’t compare yourself, your life, your path to another. 

Focus on yourself, on what it is that will give you joy, don’t place any conditions and expectations on yourself, you are you and you should embrace that. 

Love your self, be proud of your what you have achieved big or small you have achieved it. So celebrate your achievements. 

Work towards being a better version of the you, you were yesterday. 

Sounds a bit conceited hey, focusing on ourselves?

But the reality is we create all these expectations of what we think we should be and where we should be. 

We tend to forget the very important reality is that no two people are the same, hence it’s impossible to compare ourselves to anyone else. 

So today right now focus on you, love yourself for who you are. 

Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. Don’t place expectation on yourself, just try and appreciate who you are right now at this moment, and love the you that you are. 

First Love Yourself

Sending love and light to all

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