What is it that I want

Ever just sat and asked yourself this question!!

I think the answer to this questions changes as we grow, when I was younger as compared to now this answer has evolved and changed so completely. 

The younger me would have answered I want to have a great career, travel the world,  I think deep down it was something I wanted to becuase everyone was doing it at the time, and most of the people I knew that was doing that was running away from a certain reality and that is fine, we all need a break from reality, but I have always been someone to rather face it head on, so even though it was something I thought about it was not something I really wanted else I beleive I would have done it.  

Falling inlove, having a family these were all things I wanted, I dreamed about and prayed about. And now I have it all, a beautiful amazing husband that I absolutely love and adore and he loves me just as much, and a beautiful child and this is my family. I have a great career. So what I wanted then I have now, so what do I want now!!

Well now I just want my family to be safe and happy, while I do enjoy my career, I feel I found something else that gives me more happiness and passion, and that is my love for Reiki, it makes me feel so incredibly fulfilled practising Reiki is a feeling I can really put in to words.

But I do know it’s what I want to pursue. 

Before what I wanted was all about me. Now it’s all about my little family, our childs future and making sure they have all that they need to become who they meant to become. 

Life changes and our wants and needs changes so much.

I love that I can look back and be grateful and feel so blessed that what I wanted then I have now. And knowing that what I want now, when I look back it will be fullfilled, I do have faith in that and I strive for that on a daily basis so I know it will be. 

So what is it that you want? 

Sending love and light to all

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6 thoughts on “What is it that I want

  1. I have accomplished my goals and am retired. My goals were to be a good, loving human. I wanted to be a nurse, wife, and mother. There were bumps along the way but I gave each, my best effort. Then when I retired, I wanted to continue to help where I am able. I donate things to help the poor. I write a blog to raise the energy of others and my world. I pray for my world’s wellness and send prayers for its people.


      1. Thank you so much!! My goals in life now are to enjoy life, learn more, love myself and others more. And watch my two sons and their wives grow old, and watch my three grandkids grow up. They are adorable! My second son, and his wife have three adorable children, 2 boys 4 and 2 and a week old baby girl! I am one happy grandmother and mother!


      2. Reading this I can tell you really are enjoying your goals in life. Children especially the little ones bring so much pure innocent joy to our lives enjoy every moment with your grandkids and they are truly blessed to have their grandmother with them🤗


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