Organising the MIND, BODY and ENERGY

Our mind is the most amazing tool we have. It is an incredible GIFT that we are all born with.

Many times in our lives our mind becomes so unorganised, this is when doubt sets in, and insecurities, these are all normal life’s emotions. But what happens is we allow these to consume us, instead of accepting these feelings and using it to all us to grow, and not allow it to control us.

Sometimes an event happens to us or someone we love and care about and it’s an experience that we just don’t know how to deal with it. Some of us choose to not deal with it so we just don’t, and some of us are in so much pain mentally that we just can’t deal with it, it consumes us to a point where we need help. 

When your mind goes through this experience, when you choose not to deal with it, it manifests in our body, it makes us sick and sometimes we do choose to seek help and the help we get is not the help we need. 

No matter how painful the experience, YOU NEED TO ACCEPT IT. You need to go through the emotions, you need to feel the pain, SCREAM, CRY, LAUGH express your feelings, DO IT, you have to allow it to be experienced. 

This is the only way!! It sounds crazy but you need to express your feelings you need to absorb your emotions and work though them, maybe talking about it, writing about it, just express it, don’t keep it all within you, for then it will begin to manifest in your body as sickness, you will feel down and your energy will be low. This will consume you!!

So whatever you need to do to allow yourself to go through the emotions, DO IT so that you can control and organise your mind, so with a well organised mind your body follows suit and when your mind and body are synced your energies within and around you are all positive and good energy.

When you have doubt in your mind, this manifests through the body, and energy. So sometimes we want to do something, but doubt sets in can I do this, when this doubt sets in, the body reacts to the mind and the body follows that I can’t do this so our actions that the body does is I can’t do this and so too the negative energy follows, it can’t be done, and so IT IS THAT BECAUSE YOUR thought it and so it shall be. And this is what the teachings of book THE SECRET teaches us. What you think is what will be

The mind is a powerful tool, when we learn how to use it we create the greatness of our lives. Remove the doubts, remove the uncertainty, deal with these emotions, lets move through it and past it and clear it. 

So that what we want is what we get!!

So that the mind is organised, the body is organised, and the energies we let out into the universe is this is what we want and nothing will stop us from achieving it.

Sending love and light to all

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