A Leaf that stands strong amist the strongest wind

Yesterday after doing my daily meditation I usually read a passage from a book and just take in my surroundings.

As I did this I noticed this small little leaf on the branch of a tree, it was so windy and this poor little leaf was blowing from side to side, and everything around it was being blown away as the wind was just so strong.

This little leaf stood strong on the branch of the tree and just swayed from side to side. 

This made me think, that like this leaf there are times when I find myself in the mist of this wind, and I feel as if it’s going to just blow me away, but it does not even though I do sway from side to side, it is because I have a strong grounding kind of like the leaf the tree is strong and the branch in the tree is strong and healthy so too is the leaf strong and stays grounded on this branch of the tree.

I think that when we have a strong gounding and root that we have created for ourselves, not matter the storm around us or within us, we can stand strong. It’s important to groud yourself so that no matter what is happening around you it does not uproot you. 

I know sometimes the storm is strong but when you find ways to ground yourself to find your own inner peace, and you need to do this for yourself, becuase there is so much happening in the world right now and despite all that is happening we still are faced with our daily lives, of being dad or mom, being husband or wife, being a son or daughter, being ourselves amongst it all. 

So we need to find that peace within, for me I have found it in my reiki and my meditations and my writing, these things give me peace and help me to stay grounded and I feel we all need to find that which we can use and call our tools of keeping us strong. 

Share what keeps you strong with others as I feel we all need to learn from each other during this time. We all all going through different things living in different parts of the world and we all affected one way or the other, some more than others, so maybe in sharing our experiences we help each other to ground ouselves and find that peace within so no matter the storm we can stand strong and sturdy. 

Sending love and light to all you 

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