Receiving what you want but not accepting as it’s not wrapped the way you expect

So often we ask for something, we pray for it, we work towards it we speak to the universe and we project all our energy into asking for something that we want. 

And then it comes to us but it’s not exactly in the way we wanted it to be or expected it to be, but it’s presented itself to us. Then we decline or reject it sometimes we don’t even see it even though it’s right there infront of us. 

I watched this movie where this was described so perfectly. It was about this guy that everything was going wrong in his life, he owed money to people that were after him, his business was going down, he was involved in all sorts of things that just brought about so much bad things to him, then one day he receives this way out, someone agrees to pay off all his debt and give him a new start, with one condition. 
So while his pondering about this decision the people that he owes money to are chasing him and he lands up in a church and hides in the confession booth of the church he explains to the priest about his situation and the priest decides to help so he clears the church and tells him to sit down and then the priest listens to his story and this decision he has to make.

So the priest tells him a story about a man who wanted a sign from god, a fire breaks out in the mans home and he prays to god to come and help him, so the police come and try and save him but this man does not want to leave his home and he continues praying, then the fire brigade come in and try and get him out but still he does not want to leave and just keeps on praying, them the national guard and army come in to save him but still he refuses, and so he dies in his home, and when he reaches god he asks god I prayed and prayed to you so sincerly but you never helped me, and god say’s to him I sent in the police, the fire brigade I even sent in the national guard and the army but still you did not want to be saved!!!!

This happens to us all we ask for something and then it appears in our lives and we can’t see it so we actually just ignore it as its not wrapped just the way we expect it. 

Sometimes what we have asked for and dreamed of is what we get, we just need to have an open mind and see things for what they are. I remember a time when I prayed and prayed for someone to get well and for them to stop suffering and a while later they passed on and I was really hurt because I prayed so much and I had so much faith that they would get well.

I realised that the only way for them to stop suffering and be well was to pass on, to leave this world and as heart breaking as that is even though I felt at that moment my prayers were not answered, looking back later on in life I realised that was the only way for them to be at peace and not suffer in pain anymore. 

In our career we given the responsibility of the title we want but we don’t accept becuase we say not it’s not my job description, I don’t have the title, but you given this opportunity why not use it and prove to your self and all those around that you are worthy of that title you want. These opportunities are presenting it self becuase you asked for it, so why not use it. 

And here is one that I am sure most of us have thought about, we all wanted more time at home, more time with our family and less time in traffic or commuting to work, well lockdown started and work from home is the norm, so we all got what we sometimes wished for and now that we have it, we can’t wait to get back to the office REALLY.

Why not enjoy this privilege make the most of this time we have. 

So seize the opportunities on your life’s journey, no matter how they present themselves.

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Sending love and light to all

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