Having Faith

At some point or another we all face these questions to ourselves do we have faith, is faith enough to acheive our dreams.

Can our dreams be achieved by having faith that it will be.

Can faith heal people. I beleive that when your faith is strong you can accomplish so much more than when it’s not. When you have faith, it’s not to say that magically all your dreams will come true, but it does mean that when you have faith in something you autmatically move everything to make that a reality. Your faith in what you want is so strong that you focus on just that. 

Just like we hear about people being sick and then being healed, how does this happen? 

I have read books and articles even watched a netflix documentary about people being healed through faith and prayer. Is it possible? Well I beleive it is. Watching that documentary was beautiful to hear all these Doctors and Scientist speaking about prayer and faith and natural healing. 

I think so often we fear natural healing because we want things to work quickly, we have the flu we need to take antibiotics so we can get well soon. Personally for me I am like that, I would rather go to the doctor and get medication than do the home remedies that do work, but they just take to long. 

It’s like when our child has a fever, and even though the doctor will tell you the fever is the body’s way of getting rid of the sickness, but they still give us medication to reduce the fever even though it’s not at an alarming high temperature. This never makes sense to me.  

Even though I do have faith in natural healing and allowing our bodies to fight the illness we have unless ofcourse is trauma as one of the Doctors mentions in the movie Heal on Netflix. I think that alot of the time my fear takes over and my faith gets the back seat. Something I am working on😊.

When your faith is strong and your will is unshakable nothing can stand in the way of what you want. Sometimes don’t you feel down, drained like you just so exhausted, that is because your faith and will is low and it’s easy for the negative energy and doubts to settle in. 

Do you ever get that feeling like I am doing everything right, I have tried everything but I am just not achieving what I want to achieve it’s like something is blocking me. This happens, becuase our faith in ourselves and what we want is a bit low, it’s normal to find ourselves feeling this way. 

But how do we overcome it. We need to be strong in mind and heart and body. We need set our mind straight, beleive in what we want and have faith that we will achieve it, faith that we will heal. Don’t allow the doubt or the negativity or fear to come through, that is your choice.

It’s hard I know,  I myself am still mastering having an absolutely resilient faith. But it definately is something to work towards.

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Sending love and light to all

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