Cheating is a choice not a mistake

It’s such a common thing in today’s day and age. Or maybe it’s just more open in today’s day and age as compared to the day’s of our parents and grand parents. 

When two people come together and decide to get married, this is an extremely important life decision, you can’t decide to get married because you are attracted to this person, they make you look good, they buying you nice things, maybe that is the issue, people get married for the wrong reasons. 

In my opionion you get married to someone that you love and respect and that loves you and respects you. You know that you are indivuals and you both have your own dreams and goals in life but in spending time together and getting to know each other you have realised that you want to take that journey together to support each other to achieve the individual goals and in doing so you ultimately achieve that common goal and dream you both have. You marry this person that you love so much and you don’t want to spend any time apart from them, you want to share your life and yourself with this person. 

Then you get married and yes married life is hard work, but you love it, becuase you love this person and even though you both changing and growing, you growing together.

Then how is it possible that you can cheat on this person that you love and respect so much and say IT’s A MISTAKE. 

A mistake is when you unknowingly do something. When you cheat on your husband or wife you knowingly doing this, and you know that these actions will hurt them, so what happened to the love and respect?
Yes I agree sometimes in a marriage a lot of things happen,  careers change and commitments and responsibilities, having children happen, your life changes, but you still love and respect that person you have chosen to share your life with.

So then how can you go out and be with someone else. There is no excuse for cheating and I am sorry I am all for forgiveness, but can you really forget what that person has done to you. Is it worth it. 

Some say we have kids and I should be forgiven becuase of the children. With all due respect you did not think about your children when you went out and cheated so don’t use that as an excuse to make things right. 

Cheating is not a mistake, it’s a choice that the person makes knowing full well the consequences but despite that still going along to satisfy their own needs. 

You hear about people after 30 years of marriage the husband/wife has cheated and they are divorcing and you think after 30 years now you figure out that you don’t want to be with this person and you go and cheat on them. Really!!! It took you 30 years to realise this. 

I think it all starts at the begining, and that is why I always feel that when you decide to get married, be sure,  be sure that you love this person that you respect this person that you can grow together, that when you in the heaven of life or when you in the hell of life this is the person you choose to have by you side. Take your time and be sure. 

But if you are now in that place where you have gone through this and you need to pick up the pieces. You need to realise that maybe just maybe this person was not the right one for you, even after 30 years. Don’t blame yourself it’s not you, you were decieved by this one person. Don’t focus on this person, focus on you,  on healing yourself. 

And you can heal, you can overcome this and you will overcome this. It’s a new start a new begining, feel that new start, feel that new begining and let go of the hurt, let go of the pain, no matter how hard it is you have to let go of it so you can have a new begining.

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Sending love and light to all

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