Perception And What We Really Want

Sometimes what we doing is not really what is. We build this entire situation start to end in our mind and we already know the outcome before it’s even had a chance to play out. 

This happens in our daily lives, at work, we already perceive this is how it’s going to be we don’t give things a chance we already predict that we going to fail, or that promtion won’t be ours, even though on the outside we do everything that say’s I got this, I am in control. But it’s this little voice that say’s it’s not going to work and deep within this is what we projecting and unfavourable outcome.

We don’t know what the moment holds, I mean did anyone really think when you celebrated the new year on the 1 January 2020, that we would be in a pandemic. That we would all be forced to be in lock down!
Perception is not reality, but it can become your reality, because it is based on our behaviours, thoughts and beliefs which defines the way in which we think and see things. 

Would it not be great if knowing this, we create a wonderful perception that we can achieve what we want to achieve, behave in a manner that depicts that you are achieving your dream/goal.
Sometimes all it reality takes is having dream, beleiving in your dream, behaving in a manner that is in accordance with your dream, and eventually your dreams becomes your reality. 

I had a friend who worked in the corporate world, she was an auditor and she was absolutely brilliant at her job, she won awards and she really was on this great path of a successful career, but it was not what she wanted she actually wanted to learn yoga, so she decided to take a 3 month sabbatical and they allowed her to and she went to India and learnt yoga, she came back as an amazing yoga teacher, but when she came back she realised that she wanted to have more time for teaching yoga and she could never have this in the job she had, so took a job that offered her far less money, but she could pursue her yoga teachings, that was her dream, and she made changes and made it happen. 

Guess the point is, sometimes we on this path of what we doing and we don’t realise that we will never get to what we want unless we make some serious and drastic changes and sometimes that change is not something you would think is normal or the right thing to do, but if it’s to get you on the path to what it is your really want then you need to follow it no matter what.

I do understand we have commitments and responsibilties so we all just cant pack and go and follow what we want.

But it’s baby steps to get where you want in a well planned and thought through way.

I mean it took my friend 1 year to make this decision to leave the corporate world for another job that did not pay that well, she planned well by ensuring she had no big debt to pay and she had plan. 
It’s important to always have a plan and follow through on the plan. 

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Sending love and light to all

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