I love journalling it’s a great way to express your feelings and emotions, when you actually sit and take the time to write down what you feel and what you are going through to write out your deepest emotions, it helps, it’s helps you to make sense and also to realise things about yourself that … Continue reading Journalling

Loving who we are

In order to love anyone we need to first love ourselves. We go through so many things in our lives, some good and some not so good. These are the experiences of our life and shape us in becoming the person we are right now in this moment.

Appreciating what we have

During this pandemic, I think we all have a new found appreciation for all the things we always took for granted. We had all this freedom before and now that we don’t have it, we appreciate it so much more. The long drives and the long walks, being in nature, being able to be free, not … Continue reading Appreciating what we have

Respecting yourself first

You need to respect yourself, and not expect this from anyone else. You need to love yourself just as you are, HOW? Well you need to realise that you are you, there is no other person like you,  you need to be proud of who you are, yes sure maybe you have not yet achieved … Continue reading Respecting yourself first

Loving ourselves

So many times we place so much expectations on ourselves.We have to achieve a degree, we have to work for a big corporate company, buy a house, get married at a certain again, start a family. Whose expectations are these?   We all different, and that difference makes each and everyone one of us unique. So don't … Continue reading Loving ourselves

Making Life’s Decisions

The fact that you have something to decide about is often a sign that you have already decided, but you seeking the assurance that this decision is the right one. We often find ourselves in this situation so many times in our life, weather it’s the decision to start a relationship, to start a family … Continue reading Making Life’s Decisions

Organising the MIND, BODY and ENERGY

Our mind is the most amazing tool we have. It is an incredible GIFT that we are all born with. Many times in our lives our mind becomes so unorganised, this is when doubt sets in, and insecurities, these are all normal life's emotions. But what happens is we allow these to consume us, instead … Continue reading Organising the MIND, BODY and ENERGY

What is it that I want

Ever just sat and asked yourself this question!!I think the answer to this questions changes as we grow, when I was younger as compared to now this answer has evolved and changed so completely. The younger me would have answered I want to have a great career, travel the world,  I think deep down it was … Continue reading What is it that I want

A Leaf that stands strong amist the strongest wind

Yesterday after doing my daily meditation I usually read a passage from a book and just take in my surroundings. As I did this I noticed this small little leaf on the branch of a tree, it was so windy and this poor little leaf was blowing from side to side, and everything around it … Continue reading A Leaf that stands strong amist the strongest wind

Receiving what you want but not accepting as it’s not wrapped the way you expect

So often we ask for something, we pray for it, we work towards it we speak to the universe and we project all our energy into asking for something that we want. And then it comes to us but it’s not exactly in the way we wanted it to be or expected it to be, but … Continue reading Receiving what you want but not accepting as it’s not wrapped the way you expect