Right Life Partner

What is a perfect relationship? Does this even exists?

Personally I don’t think it does. Fairytales are books writen with perfect beginnigs and endings. They don’t happen that way in real like though. 

I know couples that have hurt each other so much during the younger years but now they the happiest of and closest of people. 

My husband and I both met each other purely by chance, we met at a point in each of our lives when we were each going through so much on our own, but we some how just managed to like being together. Thinking back I really don’t know what I was going throug, it seemed at the time as a troubling time LOL. 
But we grew close and he became my best friend, someone I could be myself with really be myself, and not feel like I had to do anything to keep him. He just loved me as I was and he respected me for who I am, and I did the same for him. 

We respect each other for who we are and love each other just the way we are. We now married for 10 years and blessed with an amazing child, I am still afraid of the dark and he still wakes up every night to take me to the bathroom that’s litterally 6 steps away and his never complained 😊. 

His my greatest inspiration and also my worst critique at times, but his relentless support and love in all he does, and this is how he expresses his love in the things he does and the amount of love and effort he puts into all he does for me and our little family, it’s the thank you’s the you looking beautiful or handsome today, it’s appreciation of each other, the respect for each other it’s all this moments we share together that leaves me speechless at times. 

So how do you choose the right partner, well I think choosing someone that you can be yourself with, someone that respects you for who you are. Choosing someone you can talk to, this is so important, attraction is great, but it should not be your only reason for being together. Choose to be with someone that listens to you, I mean imagine if attraction was all you had this lock down would be very hard, LOL. 

You need to have fun together. I make him laugh, his not someone that smiles often but when he does smile it’s a smile that can light up the universe. I give him so much hugs becuase I am that hugging type LOL, his not. But while we both so different in so many ways. Being together just feels like we don’t know anything else.

So if you with someone and you wondering is he or she the right person for me. It’s the little things that become the important things, so focus on those and when you reach that moment when you feel I just want to be with this person we have so much fun together and I can just be me and I am loved for me that’s how you know this is the right person for you. 

And if you single and you waiting for that right person. Stop waiting becuase that saying hmmm Love happens when you busy with other things, think it goes something like that, it’s true.

An old aunt of mine used to say, every POT has a LID, lol so you will find your LID just enjoy your life in the mean time and when it’s time, wheather or not you ready you will find each other. 

Sending love and light to all.

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