During the pandemic

There is so much happenening during this time.  For some of us it’s just a normal work from home, with the addition of having to do remote learning and yes it’s hard, but it’s manageable and I am sure by now we have found a way to handle it.  It’s become the new NORMAL as we have learned to say. 

But what about those who worked in an industry that will never go back to a new normal, they were doing so well and used to a certain amount of income and now they not getting that at all. What about those that have lost their jobs, can’t pay their bills and can’t even afford that meal that was once not an issue. 

Besides the fear of contracting the virus, people are struggling to survive and while I am sure the appreciation and gratefullness for what you had is there, it’s hard to find some sort of positivity during this time. 

It’s not that the will is not there but it’s very hard when you have been so used to living your life a certain way and now it’s as if that comfortable rug your were standing on is pulled from beneath you and you need to try and get up and stand tall and face the day. 

How do you do this? While each of us are different and the situations and emotions we are going through are different. There is one common thing we are all breathing, and no matter how hard this new journey is that you find yourself on, you are breathing and you are able to see another day. So try and focus on that, while many people are loosing jobs there is still lots of opportunties out there lots to jobs being advertised.
Finding the courage to find something new is hard becuase you were so attuned to what you had. And there is just so much emotions that you going through, and it’s normal. It’s normal to feel down, to feel sad.
But don’t loose hope

For as long as you have breath you need to have hope that you will find a new kind of normal for yourself and your family. Have faith in yourself and what you can achieve

This pandemic has given and taken so much away from so many people. While there is nothing we can do but live through it, we need to find our new way of life even if it is starting from the begining it’s possible no matter how young or old you are it’s poossible to start again, start a new you. 

Enjoyed reading this daily dose of Affirmation : https://empress2inspire.blog/2020/06/19/daily-dose-of-affirmation-108/

Sending lots of love and light to all

[Image from https://patcegan.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/which-way/fork-in-the-road/]

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