Priority and Option

This happens so often in so many different places in our lives. We give others the authority to become so important to us. What they say and do affects us so much. 

We allow this, we allow them to have an impact on us why?
Why do we give others this priority in our lives when we actually don’t matter at all in their’s.

It could be family members that you place so much importance on their opinion and their words, why? So what if they are your family, if you not an important person in there lives then why do their opinions matter to you. 

It could be friends, we care so much about what they think of us and how they see us but to them we are not that important at all. Or it could be collegues those we work with, they don’t care about your career your growth, your acheivements so why do you give them the priority in your life when you just an option to them.

Look at all the people in your life both personally and professionally and determine who should have priority in your life in what you do. Whose opinion should matter and whose advice you should give preference to.

Prioritize the people that want to help you be the best you can be. It’s very easy to identify these people in our lives if we just take the time to look. It’s the people that cheer you on, that stand by you when you fail at something and they motivate you to do better and to try again, they help you to be a better you. 

Don’t focus on the people that point out all your faults but don’t help you to overcome them and grow and learn from them. We are surrounded by so many of these people. They just wait for you do something wrong so that they can point it out. But where are they when you achieve something great? These are not the people we should give any prority to!!

Focus on the ones that point out your faults but help you and guide you to resolve them, the ones that help you to become the very best you can become.

Prioritise those people for they are the ones that have made you a priority in their lives. 


Sending love and light to all

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2 thoughts on “Priority and Option

  1. This is definitely a key one for relationships too. If you feel early on in a relationship that you are just an option, it’s best to call it quits.


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