What you are not changing you are choosing

 I read these words the other day and they made me think.

So often in our lives we say, if only things were like this, I would be happy, If only I could do this, I would be so happy. If only I had the opportunity, If only!!

Then you just continue as you usually do.

If you not willing to change what you doing, then the result will always be the same, and this ultimately means you choosing this path for yourself.  Sometimes we need to change, change the way we think, change what we do and do the things we want to do.

So think about what it is you want, and ask yourself if what I want, is what I am doing? 

If not then maybe it’s time you make some changes, so that you are able to move in the direction of what you want, what you choose.  Maybe it’s time you change your perspective, change your attitude. If there is something you want to do or change, you need to consciously change it, not just say you are going to and magically expect it all to change.

You need to make the changes, weather they big ones or small ones, but you need to do it. 

In my job I have always wanted to be recognised for my achievements and the knowledge I have and I worked really hard every day for 8 years, the dedication I had and the knowledge I had gained was always well respected by my manager, and we had a great relationship. But I realised that if I wanted my voice to be heard, I needed to leave this comfort zone, where my manager was always my voice, if I had a suggestion I would channel it through him, and he knew I was the kind of person that I did not want to be in the limelight, so he just allowed be to basically live in my own little world.

So when made that decision to leave and join another team, it was hard. But I did it, and one year later I am able to stand my ground, speak my mind and be respect by my fellow collegues for the knowledge that I bring. 
And while I still don’t like being in the limelight, I do enjoy having the confidence to speak up, to be known and respected for the knowledge and experience I have.

So I am not saying that my previous manager held me back, because he did not, I did that to myself.

When I decided that I needed to change and I chose that change I managed to achieve what I wanted to achieve, I am still achieving and growing, but it’s what I have chosen.

So CHOOSE your changes and follow what you want to achieve, don’t hold yourself back.

Sending love and light to all.

3 thoughts on “What you are not changing you are choosing

  1. I totally agree with this. Although sometimes change is uncomfortable whereas the same outcome has a certain comfort to it, even if it’s not ultimately wanted. Humans are strange.


    1. Yes I think sometimes we all get so comfortable in what we do and how we are that even though our words are we want to do something different our body just continues doing the same. It usually takes a shock to do something a bit different.

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