Stop being Afraid of what could go wrong

Why is it that even though we know we can accomoplish and achieve our dream and reach our goal that we always doubt and have that underlying feeling, THAT SOMETHING COULD GO WRONG. 

I know that no matter how strong I thought my faith was during certain times in my life I have felt that what if feeling. And it’s hard to just ignore it, it’s there no matter what you tell youself and how you try and convince yourself not to focus on it. That feeling is there. 

I realise it is fear, it’s the fear of loosing what you have, or being so close to achieving what you have always wanted to achieve and having it all taken away or loosing it.

Is this feeling normal? Is this feeling something that we can get rid of. The answer in my opinion is no.

It’s fear, the fear of the unknown, the fear that you don’t deserve all this good that is happening, the fear that you may not reach that goal, dream or wish that you have been working so hard to reach. It’s that fear that drives us crazy sometimes.

I remember feeling this so many times in my life, when I decided to leave my hometown and family and go live and work some place else. Moving on my own.

When I was preganant with my daughter, I had so much fear that something would go wrong.

But I realise that even though this feeling was there, I never allowed it to consume me. The fear was there, but It did not over power the excitement and joy I felt, a new begining no matter how afraid I was, the feeling of WHAT WILL GO RIGHT was by far more powerful and what I focused on. 

This is what we need to focus on, accept that there is fear in the decisions we make, but don’t allow the fear to be all you see.

See the WHAT WILL GO RIGHT and feel that joy, feel that positive enery and focus more on that than the other side of what can go wrong. 

So focus on WHAT COULD GO RIGHT, and reach the goals and dreams you have.

Sending love and light to all

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