Speaking in Anger, once the word is spoken it cannot be taken back

We have all had that moment when in anger or in that moment we say something and we think it’s just words, but do you ever think that the words you speak can have a profound effect on the person you speak to. 

There is no way of knowing what someone is feeling at a given moment, sometimes they may be going through so much in the inside but on the outside they seem absolutely fine. We sometimes do that, we don’t show how we really feel inside, for what ever reason, as we don’t like showing our emotions to everyone so we hide it and pretend that everything is fine when it’s not.
So now we say something in anger and this word once spoken cannot be taken back and this person we say it to is already going through so much on the inside and we have just added to their pain. How would you know? 
Always, take a step back, as hard as this is in that heat of the moment try to, try and take a step back, walk away, leave the situation, just say GIVE ME A MOMENT and take a walk, if it’s at work go and make some coffee/tea take a ME MOMENT and take that time to think about why you angry and how you can express your feelings in an appropriate way, if a coffee break is too short take a day, a week, but take the time to think before you respond. 
If it’s at home and family, just say I need some time and walk away, yes it’s not nice to leave things in limbo for sure, but it’s better to not say anything at that moment than to speak those words that you can’t take back. 
Anger this is an intense emotion, we can say and do so much in a moment of anger.We all have this emotion, some of us more often that others😁. Word spoken in anger is not thought about, it’s just said, we have to realise that while it’s important to speak our mind and to be honest, it’s also important to speak words that can enable another human being not disable them. 
Your words hold some much power that it can change someones life. So surely knowing this we should always try and speak kindly and try and help someone. 
So when you angry walk away, think about what you want to say, your anger may be justified but your response to the person it’s directed at should be words that can help that person to better themselves rather than bring them down and feel bad.
Let your words be kind always, allow your words spoken in anger to change someone for the better. 

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