Clearing the BLOCKAGES of life

We all have blockages in our lives. Like you have internal blockages that need to be surgically removed, else they could be detrimental to your health. 

So too do we have life’s blockages that we need to clear, to open up so we can move foward. 

These blockages can be situations that have presented themselves in our lives or they can be people that we have in our lives that just don’t allow us to move forward and freely. 
The situations that cause the blockages we need to deal with them, handle them and realise that we need to overcome them in order for us to move on. We can’t dwell upon them and ignore them becuase they won’t just go away, you need to remove them by dealing with them, working through them and overcoming them. No matter what they are. 

Then you have people blockage, this is someone that you know of that is not really good for you  but you have either become so attached or complacent with this person, could be a friend, a partner a family member. You have just allowed them to be there and you make excuses as to why they are there. Maybe you afraid if you remove them from your life you will be alone or maybe you feel guilty or like you owe them something. 

Whatever the reasoning always remember that if someone is not good for you, they make you feel bad about yourself and others, you feel sad when you with them. You don’t feel free, to be who you want to be and how you want to be.

You feel as if you need to be or behave in a certain manner when they around. Then why are they around?

You need to clear them from your life, wish them well but remove them from your life. 

Once these blockages are all cleared you will be free to feel and do what you want to do, your energy of life will flow freely, you will feel free and happy to live your life as you want to, with nothing and no one holding you back. 

Sending love and light to all 

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