Work life balance

Do we know when to switch off?
Even when you not working are you still thinking about work. I think we all guilty of this. 

Finding that balance. It’s actually not such a hard thing but a lot of us struggle and especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all working from home, so we are online earlier and offline later. 

So how do you find the balance, especially when you have deadlines and commitments you need to meet. 
You need to ask yourself a very simple question and I feel when you ask yourself this question and really answer it honestly you will realise how easy it is to switch off work. 

If you NO LONGER there, will work stand still will your company close down, okay so maybe if you have your own company there may be some challenges, but the reality is when it comes to the jobs we do, anyone can learn to do it, thinking that you irreplaceable is only fooling yourself. 

I have worked with amazing individuals in such high profile positions where they were so critical to everything and then one day they were not there, some sadly passed on and some got sick, and they were unable to continue doing what they were doing as they were forced to focus on their health. The company found someone else to play that role and in time even though you don’t forget that person the job continues. 

So we all need to understand this!!!!

Family, the ones we love and that are with us each and every day, they are the ones that we need to make time for, that we need to realise that when we with them we need to switch off work. Focus on them. 

Don’t work more than you need to, and realise that the more you give the more is expected, yes you want to grow your career and you want to suceed and that is fine you passionate about your career as you should be. But it should not be your life. 

Your life is your family the ones you love and the ones that love you, wheather they are your blood relatives or friends that have become family. They are the ones that love you and stand by you. 

Make sure that on the scale of your life, there is balance between your work and you LIFE.

Sending love and light to all

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