Reiki Treatments

What an absolutely amazing feeling. To be able to feel the energy channeling through me. To help someone else heal the way they need to heal.

When I started this journey, to learn about Reiki, I fell inlove with every aspect of it. I just new that this was me this was what I wanted to do, learn and explore. 

I have always been someone that loves to help people heal, in what ever way I can. Most times it’s been to be the cheerleader cheering them on in their greatest moments and their weakest. But I always felt something was missing, like I could do more I just did not know what more I could do. 

During a time when I was feeling extremely overwhelmed, thinking back I actually cannot recall the reason for it, but I do recall the feeling because I struggled to take deep breaths. Ever felt this way, like you can’t take deep breaths?

So I found myself going for my very first Reiki treatment. I was extremely nervous not knowing what to expect or would I feel something, what if I felt nothing. But I decided to go 😁.

What an absolutely amazing experience, I felt so much during this session, firstly I felt as if this huge whatever it was that was sitting on my chest and preventing my breath to flow easily was just gone. I felt those that past their presence so strong and I was not afraid, I felt that peace, that sense of calm. 

When this LOCK down started I felt that same feeling like I could not breath, I think it’s been more than 2 years that I had gone for that first Reiki treatment and that feeling of not being able to breath I could feel it again. 

That is when I decided to do the Reiki courses. The best decison I have ever made. I loved every moment of the course, I enjoyed every lesson.

I loved my attunement. And I absolutely love being able to do Reiki on the ones I love, help them heal and find their balance through the healing energy of Reiki. 

I have found my passion, Reiki is what I love, the joy I feel doing Reiki for others is truly an amazing beautiful feeling. 

Sending love and light to all.

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