Technology living with it

I am extremely passionate about technology, love learning new things and upskilling myself. Technology has advanced so much.

But I often wonder, even though it’s awesome having this mobile phone, and we can contact each other anywhere anytime, is it a good thing. 

Sometimes I see whole families out and they all siting around on their phones, no one’s talking to each other, making eye contact. 

I see young kids being given tablets/ipads as it does keep them entertained and not worrying the parents. Why do you do that, kids need to be kids, if they noisy let them be noisy, allow them to be free.
Running after them is part of what being a parent as about, they grow up so fast before you know it, they will be all grown up. 

I agree kids can learn alot from technology, but it needs to be for just that, to learn. Not to keep them silent or keep them busy. Keeping kids entertained should be running outside, riding bikes, building forts and read stories together.

Talking, kids love talking so let them talk and listen to them, use technology to enable them not to disable them.  Keep technology out of family time together, spend time with each other really listening and talking. 
You cannot listen to someone while you busy texting on your phone, so put the phone away and spend time together! 

Have a no technology day, no TV, no phones, just enjoy reading a book, having a picnic, playing some cards, or board games having a conversation. Listening to each other. 

Spend a day with your family a technology free day!!!

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