Forgiveness it’s the only way to heal

I know forgiveness especially when you have been hurt or disappointment in life by someone, it’s not easy to forgive, it’s hard to find that courage within to say, even though you have hurt me so much, I FORGIVE YOU. 

But the only way to move forward and to heal is to forgive the one that has hurt you, in doing so you let go of that hurt that you been holding on to, and you allow yourself to heal. 

Holding on to hurt, pain and dissappointment only creates harm to you, the person that caused you the pain they actually fine. It’s you that is feeling all of that hurt, which later turns to anger and bitterness. 
All these negative emotions are not good to hold on to.

Why are you holding on to it?

Harbouring all that negative emotions consumes one so much, it takes up so much of yourself, and why, for what, is there a purpose to holiding on to the anger. It’s just harming you mentally, physically and emotionally, so forgive.

I accept every situation is different, and sometimes it’s hard to forgive. But in order to heal yourself you have to forgive the person that has hurt you, let that emotions go and tell yourself, from that experience you have grown and you are stronger because of it take the experience. While forgiving is one thing, you will never forget the experience.

Sometimes forgiving means embracing that person that has caused you so much pain, or sometimes it means letting go of someone that you love so deeply. Forgiveness and how to forgive is different in every situation and for every person. 

The one constant is to forgive completely. For it’s only when you do this then you are truly free of the hurt, the pain, and all the emotions that goes along with attaching youself to that to experience.
I love watching the movie INVICTUS, it’s message about President Nelson Mandela’s faith and forgiveness is just beyond amazing. 

We have to forgive in order to move foward. We have to forgive the person that has caused us the hurt and dissappointement, then and only then can you focus on the greatness that lies ahead for you. 

Sending love and light to all

3 thoughts on “Forgiveness it’s the only way to heal

  1. Thank you . I needed to read this . Haven’t talk to family for more than a year because of pain, anger, heartbreaks . Been praying the grace and courage to forgive . I will try to be better and perhaps finally I get to be free and move forward . 🙏


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