Often we ask ourseves why are we procrastinating, we know what we want why are we not doing it.
Why are we not making what we want happen. We have a goal something we want to attain, we have a plan of action but we just not getting the time to do it. 

We telling ourselves, I am not just getting to this, there is so much happening, I can’t find the time, I need to to make to time to do this. Ever felt this way?

Well we need to be honest with ourselves if this was something you really wanted you would not be procrastinating you would have achieved it aready. But something in your mind or heart is saying I don’t really want this that is why you are HESITATING, you are putting it off it’s not that you don’t have the time, you are simply not making the time, because you have doubts.

Think about it, if this is what you wanted you will ensure that nothing stands in the way of you achieveing it. We have all heard stories of people who against all odds have achieved there success, how did they do this we ask, they always say that this is what they wanted and they did not allow anything or anyone to hold them back, they focused on what they wanted and through all the hardships they have accomplished their greatness and success.

This can be true for each and every one of us. How? If what you want to achieve is really what you want, nothing will hold you back, however if you have doubts, and you are questioning yourself, then you need to ask yourself, IS THIS REALLY WHAT I WANT.

This is in most cases the issue, what we think we want is not really what we want, we just feel this is what I should be doing becuase everyone is doing it, becuase my family will be proud of me if I do. Becuase this is what is expected of me. 

This is your life, yes you have a family that loves you, parents that love you, friends that love you, but THIS IS YOUR LIFE, you need to create your own life and you need to ensure that this life you are creating this life is the one you love and you want. 

So to answer why do we procrastinate? It’s becuase we have doubts!!

Clear the doubts and you will not procrastinate but rather move foward with what you want with a formidable and incredible force, and NOTHING will be able to stop you.

Sending love and light to all

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