Is your life precious to you

So often we find ourselves in this situation where we struggle to find our balance, we have so much happening in our lives.

We all go through this, when for some reason work or home becomes so overwhelming and we get so frustrated, we take it out on everyone and everything, willingly or not this is what we do. We feel demotivated and lost. It can be something small that triggers these feelings that have been building up for so long or it can be something big that leaves us feeling so unsettled.

Firstly accept that this feeling is normal you are human. No matter how how in sync you are every person goes through this feelings of feeling overwhelmed and unsettled.

Sadhguru say’s We are suffering our own intelligence”, this is so true.

He explains this so beautifully, so often we live in our memories or what we have been through, what we had to overcome and by no means is this not important, your memories are you experiences, these have brought you to WHO you are right now. Every moment every decision, every path you have taken has brought you to this moment you are in now, be PROUD of that, no matter what it is be proud of those memories, don’t focus on trying to change it.

So often we say if only I had done this differently or if only I knew what I knew right now, I would have done this better. If you did it differently then you probably would not be where you are right now in this moment of who you are. Accept that you can’t go back, this is your memories your experiences and be proud of them. 

When you think about your future you imagine what you want it to be and this is great, becuase this imagination gives you that feeling of what you want to achieve and what you need to work towards. We all need to have dreams to imagine living our dreams, so that we can ensure that what we doing right now in this moment is enabling us to move towards that dream that goal that we want to achieve. And you can achieve it, never doubt that you can achieve it, the only thing that stops you is yourself.

And so while you have your beautiful memories and your wonderful imagination, learn not to live in them, don’t live your life in your memories of what you could have done differently and don’t live your life in your imagination worrying about not achieving the life you have imagined. 

Living in the present moment, this is hard for us all as we focus so much on the memories of the past and what the future holds that we truly forget to enjoy and experience this momemt we in right now. 

And it’s so true that when all these collide we find so much chaos in our lifes we struggle to find ourselves. You feel demotivated, like your have lost yourself. 

You need to decide IS MY LIFE PRECIOUS, once you have decided this, you must find your purpose and focus on that, the one thing we do know is that we cannot control TIME, we cannot go back and change our memories nor can we jump foward and change our future. 

What we have is right now and we need to find our purpose, our passion and focus on that.

Accept that there will be those moments when you will be overwhelmed when you do feel like it’s all to much and accept these feelings, they are yours, but don’t allow these emotions to consume you, know that your past experiences have brought you to where you are right now, and accept that what you are doing in this present moment will most certainly have an impact on your imaginative future, so live in this moment of your life and MAKE IT COUNT!!

Sending love and light to all

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