I am sure we all felt and said these words where did today go, can’t beleive this week went by so fast. 
Yes time waits for no one, this is why it’s so important to time management yourself. In order to be able to do what you need to do and accomplish what you have set out to accomplish.

While planning is great, at least that gives you an idea of what you want to do, but actually getting to do it, that is another thing all together. 

I believe Self Time Management can be broken up in to 2 categories 

  1. Personal Time Management 
  2. Professional Time Managment 

So let me explain, these two categories can be broken down even further but lets just discuss it at a high level. 

Personal Time Management, this is time that you need to take for yourself first. It is important to make time for yourself so that you can start the day well and you able to be a good mom/wife/husband/partner. You can’t help others if you wake up and you a hot mess, so take some me time. Then make sure you make time for your family, sometimes people live in the same house and they don’t speak to each other becuase they so busy, make time to talk, this is so important, don’t talk about problems or work, my husband and I always talk about what we have learnt something we read or watched or our feelings on a situation. We talk and that is very important. My daughter and I talk as well, we cuddle and we just spend time together, no technology just us.

Professional Time Management, this is planning your work day, breaking  down what you need to do into weekly, daily and hourly tasks, write down your tasks list for today. Make sure it’s realistic and achieveable. 
The key to Self time management is following through on it, so many times we plan this is what we going to do and we don’t get to do any of the things we set out to.

 It’s important to try as much as you can to follow the plan you have set out for yourself for the day. 
Spend an hour the night before to plan for the next day, write out your Personal and Professional “Tasks”. Create small tasks/to do’s for yourself.
Make a promise to yourself that you going to start with the first one and work down the list. It’s hard sometimes I know. We plan so well and then something unexpected happens personal or professional and it throughs us completely off track, this is life. 

But everyday is not like this and on those day’s when you can follow your to do list you need to, and tick off what you have done. Focus on the now, focus on what is important to you and want you want to achieve. Big or small no matter the tasks. Review what you have completed for the day, this is important, so you can identify what you still need to achieve. Make provision for distractions, after all life is full of them😊. But the important thing to remember is that despite that distraction don’t loose focus on what you need to do.

So that you don’t look back and say where did this year go…..

Sending love and light to all

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