Managing my Anxiety

Anxiety is something we all feel at some time or the other. More so now during this time of LOCKDOWN and the COVID-19 pandemic, this feeling of anxiousness is so much more frequent than before.

I believe it’s normal, we are human after all😁.

For me even though I try and remain positive and focus on the positivity of things there are some moments when you feel overwhelmed, sometimes it’s change that is coming, or changes that you need make that make you feel anxious.

Maybe it’s being in LOCKDOWN and not knowing if you get COVID-19 or someone you love does, or maybe you have not seen your family for sometime due to being in LOCKDOWN. Whatever it is that makes you feel this feeling of anxiousness, it’s perfectly normal to feel this way. Feeling of not knowing, we all have those moments when we not sure what to expect, this creates a sense of anxiety in us, an it’s evident in all we do and the decisions we make in our day.

Anxiety is part of life, we all go through it, but how we deal with it and how we handle it this is what is most important. Allowing the feeling of fear to consume you, or overcoming this fear and accepting that it’s okay to feel it and choosing to overcome it. Always remember the anxiety you feel is within you, it’s your reaction to what is going on around you and things that you cannot control. But this feeling of anxiousness is within us, and can only be overcome by us.

How I have learnt to deal with it is :

  • Find a quiet place and sit comfortably.
  • Play music that relaxes you, I love music by Jahnavi Harriso, my favourite song Sacred River, or try Radhi’s play list on Spotify, it’s so lovely and relaxing.
  • Place your hand on your chest or on your stomach and breath in through your nose deeply and out  through your nose deeply so it’s like you expand you stomach on breathing in and compress it when breathing out, I do this about 10 times. 
  • Keep your hand on your chest or stomach and breath in deeply through you nose and out through you mouth deep breaths, I do this 10 times as well.
  • Remember to keep a smile on your face, this is most important😁.

This has helped me so much, especially on those days when I am overwhelmed and just need to breath deeply.

But I have found that by doing this daily it’s become part of my daily routine and I incorporated it as part of my Reiki daily self healing. 

It’s great when you find natural ways to heal your mind and in healing the mind you heal the body. 

Sending love and light to all.

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