Change, they say’s it’s as good as a HOLIDAY

Sometimes change is such a hard concept for us, as we become so used to doing things a certain way, behaving in this manner or reacting to situations in this way. We have taught ourselves to behave in a certain way, to create stability or so we think. 

Change is part of life, we all change our ideas or personalities our entire being changes as we grow learn and experience different lifes events. It’s how we adapt to that change and accept that change that makes the difference. 

There are times that we wonder why am I not achieving my dreams or goals, I am doing everything right, I am working hard at achieving it but it seems so out of reach, ever had that feeling? Well it’s more than likely becuase you doing what you have always done, you need to change the way you think and do, if you keep on doing the same thing you will get the same results and stay the same, but if you make a change even a small one, you will see the difference. 

Something like I want to start my own business, but just need an idea or I need to gain enough capital to start, change the way you think, if you want to start something start it, don’t wait. Just go forth and make it happen. 
Change is definately as good as a holiday so with all of us in lockdown, and we can’t really do holidays, how a bout we make some changes!!!

Some ideas of little changes that could make a big difference

  1. 10 minutes of walking a day
  2. Drinking more water daily
  3. Set your alarm an hour earlier (I love sleep so this one was a hard one for me, but I have an hour more in a day and I get to see the sun rise.)
  4. Try and have a positive day, no matter what comes your way smile and force yourself to accept and let it pass keep the positive feeling.
  5. Take on something you have wanted to do but you have just not had the time to do, just do it!!
  6. Change your hairstyle.

These are just some little changes, who knows maybe with starting these little ones you will go forth and make the big changes that you want to do but unable to yet!!!

Sending love and light to all

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