Positive Energy, feeling it, embracing it and living it

It’s that feeling, that emotion, that anticipation that good is happening, good is going to happen. It’s that feeling that makes you feel like you just can’t stop smiling, that positive energy is radiating in all you do and are. 

I often hear people ask how do I get your positive energy, its funny though because this energy is out there it’s surrounding us all, some of us choose to feel and embrace it and others don’t. 

Just like positive energy is all around us so too is the negative one. When you choose to feel that positive energy and anticipate goodness, greatness, even when things are not going just the way you want them to and despite this you choose to feel good, to be grateful, to feel that feeling that even though I had planned for this but something else happened, don’t see this as something has gone wrong see it as I need to take a new path to get to where I want to be. 

So you having a bad moment, you anxious, you scared you just having a day when nothing seems to be going your way. Accept these emotions, embrace them after all they are your emotions and they are perfectly normal, but try and see this as it’s okay to feel this to go through these emotions, just don’t allow it take you on a path of negativity and allow for the negative energy to surround you. 

To feel the positive energy sit in your happy place and just close you eyes and focus on the happiest moment of your life, if you have not experienced this moment as yet, imagine what would that happiest moment be. In your mind see that moment feel that moment as if you are there, smell the air of that moment, reach out your hands and imagine yourself in that moment experiencing it feeling it, that happy memory, that is only yours and feel that bliss that energy radiate around you and within you. 

How to sustain it, because realistically you can’t sit in that happy place with your eyes closed 247, you have a job to do, and a family that needs you to be a wife and mom LOL. Well how I sustain it is I have over time come to realise that no matter what happens in my life the good the bad,  I always have the choice to take it all in and attract the positive energy or to allow the negative energy to consume me. 

I choose the positive energy always. During my Reiki self treatments that energy I can feel it so strongly, it’s not mine to hold on to it’s just there for me to feel and to channel it, through Reiki or through my actions in all I do and all I am.

Sending love and light to all

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