Working parents : REMOTE LEARNING

Since March 2020 we have been working from home since being in a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s taken some time to adjust to assisting our daughter with remote learning and balancing work as well.

This is what we have done to ensure that we can manage it all.

  1. Prepare the weekend ahead for the week ahead. 
  2. Print required materials if printing is required.
  3. Organise it so it’s easy to navigate through.
  4. Get them up the normal time they would for school
  5. Let them go for a walk to take in some fresh air
  6. Keep the news channels off in the mornings, rather watch once per day in the evenings. 
  7. Use phone reminders to monitor the time, break time, online class reminders etc. 
  8. Allow them to try and navigate themselves and if they have questions rather let them come and ask, this way they don’t depend on you being there they rather learn to work independently.
  9. We have introduced her to reading one book per week, as she has just started learning words and spelling and reading is something new for her (Oxford readers level 1 and 2).
  10. Breaks between classes and activities make sure they play, no screen time rather running outside and just being in the sun or just talking and expressing themselves to you. 
  11. We do have those day’s when she just does not want to focus, I suppose as adults we also have those day’s and we have accepted that she too has them so we allow her to leave some work and focus on it the next or the weekend.

So this is just some of the little things we have done to ensure our little angel is able to do her remote learning. 

It’s hard work for sure but it’s not an impossible.  How are you managing your child’s remote learning?

All it takes is some extra planning and alot of dicipline from both parents and children.

Sending love and light to all..

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