Back to school during COVID-19

We were told last week that our daughter whose is in a Junior Grade should return to school. She attends a really good private school, and they have taken every precaution, they have shared their plan of action, it’s well thought of according to the school.

According to the stats young children handle COVID-19 very well and recover from it easily. The death rate is a very LOW PERCENTAGE. These medical reports use words like very unlikely, no real risk. 

Being a mom these words, mean that my little girl could be in that very low percentage, so all those scientist and medical professionals that have decided that, the risk of a child not receiving the education is far worst that a child loosing their life.
What did you tell those parents whose child died of COVID-19, that they were in the very LOW PERCENTAGE, statistically,  that, that child’s death is just a number. 

I often wonder if that group of decision makers went through that emotion and feeling of loosing their own child if they would be so eager to say it’s a LOW PERCENTAGE. Sometimes as educated as one is, you need to have empathy, you need to feel, becuase the decisions you making affect human life. 

We are very blessed to able to send out daughter to a private school so we have the option to continue with remote learning which is what we have decided to do for now. 

But what about the parents that have kids in the public sector, where they don’t have a choice the school is not offering remote learning. It’s a very hard decision as a parent, do you ensure you childs education continues at the risk that they be the one in that LOW PERCENTAGE. It’s unfair to have to make that dsecision. 

And it’s those professionals we trust that are placing this decision upon all parents. I believe education is important it empowers our children and it’s the one thing in life that is always with you. But life is far more important. 

If the message and communication coming through from the medical professionals and from all the instituations is that this virus does NOT affect children at all that there is not a single child that has contracted the virus, and not a single child that has lost their live to the virus. Then we can say allow our kids to go back to school as there is no risk. 

But this is not the case. They are at risk, they just at LOW risk according to all the analysis done. 

So I support keeping your child alive and keeping you child home, look in to remote learning, if you can and if you can’t find way’s in which to stimulate your child’s minds. 

Reading books, news papers, magazines, even if it’s just one line a day, for the little ones. For the older kids look at revising all their work. Ask the school for materials that the child can use at home, they can and should be able to provide this to you.

With this virus we need to find a new way of doing things we cannot go back to the way we once were, this sentiments are also relevant for our children.

Sending love and light to all

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