Right Life Partner

What is a perfect relationship? Does this even exists?Personally I don’t think it does. Fairytales are books writen with perfect beginnigs and endings. They don’t happen that way in real like though. I know couples that have hurt each other so much during the younger years but now they the happiest of and closest of people. My … Continue reading Right Life Partner

During the pandemic

There is so much happenening during this time.  For some of us it’s just a normal work from home, with the addition of having to do remote learning and yes it’s hard, but it’s manageable and I am sure by now we have found a way to handle it.  It’s become the new NORMAL as … Continue reading During the pandemic


This is not an easy experience. Being told you not right for this job, being told you not the right person for someone you like, applying to the colledge of your dreams and getting that letter that say’s sorry you have not being accepted. REJECTION comes in all forms and we all go through it. Some … Continue reading Rejection

Priority and Option

This happens so often in so many different places in our lives. We give others the authority to become so important to us. What they say and do affects us so much. We allow this, we allow them to have an impact on us why? Why do we give others this priority in our lives when … Continue reading Priority and Option


If there is one thing we all know for sure is that we cannot go back in time unless ofcourse we have managed to a build a time machine 😁.So I always beleive that to have regret is one of the worst feelings to have becuase you can’t go back and change things. If it’s … Continue reading HAVING REGRET

What you are not changing you are choosing

 I read these words the other day and they made me think.So often in our lives we say, if only things were like this, I would be happy, If only I could do this, I would be so happy. If only I had the opportunity, If only!!Then you just continue as you usually do. If … Continue reading What you are not changing you are choosing

Stop being Afraid of what could go wrong

Why is it that even though we know we can accomoplish and achieve our dream and reach our goal that we always doubt and have that underlying feeling, THAT SOMETHING COULD GO WRONG. I know that no matter how strong I thought my faith was during certain times in my life I have felt that what … Continue reading Stop being Afraid of what could go wrong

Having a good support structure

Both in our personal and professional life support is so important. In our personal life and home life we need the support of our family this is so important and when it’s not there, the choices we make becomes a bit harder to make than it would have been had we had the support of our … Continue reading Having a good support structure

Respecting yourself first

You need to respect yourself, and not expect this from anyone else. You need to love yourself just as you are, how? Well you need to realise that you are you, there is no other person like you,  you need to be proud of who you are, yes sure maybe you have not yet achieved … Continue reading Respecting yourself first

Speaking in Anger, once the word is spoken it cannot be taken back

We have all had that moment when in anger or in that moment we say something and we think it’s just words, but do you ever think that the words you speak can have a profound effect on the person you speak to. There is no way of knowing what someone is feeling at a given … Continue reading Speaking in Anger, once the word is spoken it cannot be taken back