Starting my Reiki journey

For me me reiki is what you see, what you are and what you feel it’s an energy we all have each and every one of us, some of us just seem to be more open to this energy than others. 

I believe this energy always was and is within and around me, it is only now that I have chosen to learn more about it and try and use this energy to heal and help those that need it. 

I have always felt a strong connection to reiki energy, it’s always been something I wanted to learn, and to know more about. I wanted to know how to channel it to allow the energy to go where it needs to go and help who it needs to help. 

I read books, did a course, I practiced on myself and those I love and I found the energy around me and within me becoming more intense.

Even though I am only just starting on this journey, I feel as if I have been on it all my life but now I am able to be open to channel this energy to those that truly need it.

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