Reiki Self Treatment

I start my self treatments by doing simple breathing exercises, I have found especially during this time we all find our selves in being in LOCKDOWN this breathing exercises have made such a huge difference for me helping find my own calm. 

I then do some meditation and prayer, asking the universe to allow the energy to flow through me and go where it needs to go and do what it needs to do. I give thanks for this beautiful energy I am receiving and feeling and allow the energy to flow. 

I allow my hands to flow, for the movements to flow I try not focus on how it should be but rather just allow my treatment to be guided by that moment and what comes to me at that moment. 

The Seven Chakaras

During a Reiki self treatment I go through the chakras, hand movements flowing to the chakra that needs it most.

I usually end off my self treatment giving my thanks and allowing the energy to flow to where ever and whom ever needs it’s.

It’s a wonderful feeling to start the day. 

Love and light to all

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