Love being a Mom

The hardest job in the world is by far being a parent, being a mom. 

From the moment this little human is born, they are your responsibility to enable and help them become who they are meant to become and achieve what they need to achieve. 

My daughter is truly is the most remarkable human being I have ever met in my life, while I know parents are suppose to teach their kids I have learnt so much from her, her beautiful spirit, her compassion and empathy, these emotions are what she practices in all she does. It’s so beautiful to watch her grow each and every day. 

Often as a parent, for me anyways all I want to do at times is wrap her up and protect her from all the bad things, but then I watch her and I realise that all I should do is cheer her on, allow her to learn the things she needs to learn and become who she needs to become. 

Enable her to stand up strong, but also to always be kind.

Just like every human being is different, every parent is different and how we parent our children is different, so to every child is raised differently. 

Children learn not from what we teach them or tell them but from what they see. 

How we as parents behave and how we treat each other and those around us is how our children will learn. 

Sometimes we so focused on giving our children the best of everything, best education , best homes, best holidays. But I beleive all a child needs is love and time. 

So make time to just listen to them, don’t change them, your child is your child this is who they are embrace them, accept them and just be their greatest cheer leader in life.

Sending love and light to all

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