Inner Peace

I posted this last and it seems today just opted to repost it. Sunday afternoon feelings….

I have read books and listened to so many amazing motivational speakers some say that you should not allow others to influence your emotions. That is not easy, for me at least I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister. I have all these people that I absolutely love and there joys their happiness their emotions have an impact on me.

I love the impact it has and I have learnt to embrace it all, I have learnt to accept it all. I have learnt that their energy is a part of my energy, because I choose for it to be. 

With Reiki I have learnt to allow the energy to flow to be where it needs to be and go where it needs to be no matter what that energy is. 

Sometimes we have to loose control to gain control, we have to let go of trying to hold on to the inner peace and realise that it is there it always will be, it’s apart of us and who we are and nothing can even take it away.

Close you eyes, sit in stillness for 10 minutes a day, just being, just feeling, just absorbing and you will find your inner peace.

Sending love and light to all

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