Finding peace during the CORONA virus way of life

During this time of so much uncertainty we all find ourselves in daily. Knowing only one thing for certain the only time this will all end is when there is a vaccine and we all have taken it, but when this will happen is a feeling of uncertainty on it’s own.

So we need to find peace while we try and find some sort of normality in this new way of living. That peace comes in different ways for everyone. 

There is no right or wrong way to channel your emotions, the most important thing is that you channeling it. 

Channelling your emotions

  • write them down in a journal/diary, do a daily journal
  • mediate on those emotions
  • pray on those feeling 
  • do a Reiki self treatment 
  • do yoga, there some amazing yoga websites 
  • listen music you love
  • sit in your garden/balcony and just breath in the fresh air a few deep breaths
  • smile, just smile

During this LOCKDOWN, that most of us are in some of us are alone and some of us have a home full of family, it’s so easy to get lost in it all and not to express one’s feelings openly. 

But it’s so important that we do, no matter what we feeling happy, sad, angry or overwhelmed, express it because keeping it in just creates so much built up energy that eventually when released it explodes uncontrollably.

So allow yourself to feel ever emotion every feeling embrace it. Make it a daily me time ritual.

Sending Love and light to all

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