Finding Gratitude

Waking up each and every day in it self should make us feel so grateful that we have another day to start again and reach our goals and fulfill our purpose. 

Feeling gratitude is something so simple but yet we sometimes forget to take that time and take stock of all the blessings we have the simple things and the big things, the LIFE we have that we sometimes tend to take for granted that we will have it tomorrow as well. 

Today maybe just take that 10 minutes when you wake up close your eyes and just be grateful for

  • waking up to see another day
  • the breath you taking
  • the love you surrounded by be it family and friends
  • the energy within you and around you
  • the fact that you have another day to fulfill your purpose

Sometimes all we need is to take time and feel gratitude, embrace the feeling.

Feeling this gratitude is putting out this positive energy from within into the world.

So let’s all take the time to be grateful and let this energy out. 

Sending love and light to all

One thought on “Finding Gratitude

  1. I never really considered waking as something to be grateful for but it’s so obvious now you highlight it.


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