A Reiki Attunement

I waited for more than a month to do my attunement, I had read about others experiences and I must admit I did not know what to expect, a part of me expected it to be like others  feelings of overwhelmingness, filled with emotions. But I told myself have no expectations just an open mind.

My attunement was a remote one, I had never met or seen the Reiki master, I was told this was the time of my appointment and to find a relaxing place and make myself comfortable and allow the energy to be passed to me. 

This is exactly what I did, I did keep a vegetable and fruit fast all day, and when it was time I found my relaxing place, played my relaxing music and waited for my distance Reiki  session to start. 

I was relaxed, I did not feel any of those amazing feelings described by others. I did feel a cold feeling on my feet and hands even though I was under a warm blanket, that was all I felt, in the session. 

In the days that followed that session I was filled with so much emotion, when I was happy I was extremely happy, when I was angry I was extreme in my anger, I felt completely outside of myself, like the control I have always had was just not there.

It took me time to actually understand that this was all part of my attunement process, and I need to embrace it.

I have never been one to meditate, but I found that I needed to do this to allow all these emotions to be channeled through me and not consume me.

Meditation helped me to find peace within myself, it was something new to me so I started off with just 10 minutes a day before I started my Reiki self treatment. 

Doing a self treatment after my attunement was so different to how I did it before my attunement, before my attunement I followed what I had learnt in the course for my hand  placements.

After my attunement I felt like I need to flow not follow and that is what I did.

Even though I have on just began on this journey I felt as if I have been doing this all my life like I knew what to do and how to do it. 

I have never felt this feeling with anything in my life, like you just know.

Love and light to all

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