Love being a Mom

The hardest job in the world is by far being a parent, being a mom. From the moment this little human is born, they are your responsibility to enable and help them become who they are meant to become and achieve what they need to achieve. My daughter is truly is the most remarkable human being I have ever met … Continue reading Love being a Mom

The Realisation

With so much uncertainty that surrounds us all, what is to come with the covid-19, on realisation that I have is that life as we once knew it will never be the same.Shaking someone's hand which was normal or giving a hug to to those we love or those that needed it, this is all what we are … Continue reading The Realisation

Finding Gratitude

Waking up each and every day in it self should make us feel so grateful that we have another day to start again and reach our goals and fulfill our purpose. Feeling gratitude is something so simple but yet we sometimes forget to take that time and take stock of all the blessings we have the simple … Continue reading Finding Gratitude

Finding peace during the CORONA virus way of life

During this time of so much uncertainty we all find ourselves in daily. Knowing only one thing for certain the only time this will all end is when there is a vaccine and we all have taken it, but when this will happen is a feeling of uncertainty on it's own. So we need to … Continue reading Finding peace during the CORONA virus way of life

Inner Peace

I posted this last and it seems today just opted to repost it. Sunday afternoon feelings…. I have read books and listened to so many amazing motivational speakers some say that you should not allow others to influence your emotions. That is not easy, for me at least I am a wife, mother, daughter and … Continue reading Inner Peace

Reiki Self Treatment

I start my self treatments by doing simple breathing exercises, I have found especially during this time we all find our selves in being in LOCKDOWN this breathing exercises have made such a huge difference for me helping find my own calm.  I then do some meditation and prayer, asking the universe to allow the energy to … Continue reading Reiki Self Treatment

A Reiki Attunement

I waited for more than a month to do my attunement, I had read about others experiences and I must admit I did not know what to expect, a part of me expected it to be like others  feelings of overwhelmingness, filled with emotions. But I told myself have no expectations just an open mind. My attunement was a remote … Continue reading A Reiki Attunement

Starting my Reiki journey

For me me reiki is what you see, what you are and what you feel it's an energy we all have each and every one of us, some of us just seem to be more open to this energy than others.  I believe this energy always was and is within and around me, it is … Continue reading Starting my Reiki journey