Being a mom

Being a mom, it’s truly an amazing experience, to know that this little human being grew inside you for 9 months and now this little person is here, and they have their own personality, there own likes and dislikes and their very own little mind.

Being her mom is truly an honor, the way in which he little mind works sometimes truly amazes me. I must admit there are moments when I wish I could keep her in this protective bubble, especially with all the crazy scary things that are happening in this world, this country of ours South Africa.

When trying to find a good school for my daughter it was hard, now a days you need to put your child on a waiting list, pay for the registration and it’s all non refundable, government schools are a sight for sore eyes, classes are over populated, violence is a norm, the teachers are afraid of the students. As a mom do I want my child to be in a government school, where everyday I will need to fear is she safe? So we decided to send her to a private school at a very high cost, I initially thought to myself, this is insane, the fees are outrageous. But we had no choice, I wanted to drop her off knowing she will be safe and protected. Best decision ever! In our circumstance. Not everyone has that privilege or choice, and it’s sad because when I was growing up government schools were the best, classes were well cared for, and no too many children in a class,  each child got that individual attention, discipline was something every single child had. Bullying was not something that happened as it does today.

When I was growing up walking home from school was the norm, it was fun walking home with your friends, it was safe. Nowadays we live with fears like child trafficking, young children being kidnapped, raped and murdered, for no reason.

It’s so scary but this is the world we find ourselves living in. How does one then allow your child the freedom to grow, to experience to live.

I ask myself this daily, how to I let go knowing full well the dangers that are out there that is far more than what I was exposed to growing up. And I realize that I cannot keep my child from being free, but I can enlighten her educate her, help her to stand up for herself and not allow anyone to bully her, so this is what I have done.

I have taught my daughter that if anyone lifts their hand for you, you do not stand back you stand up, you stand tall and you make sure that no one can hurt you, is this the right way, fighting back, honestly it went against everything I believed in but I realized that in order for my little girl to no be afraid she needs to know how to protect herself and no be afraid to do so.

I must admit she is doing great :-), she is no longer afraid, she is confident and she stands up for herself and those around her….

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